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Solution Driven Approach

Focused on elegant, effective solution that drive business growth

Engineering Excellence

Strong programming principle and strategy leveraged in each project

In-house R&D Lab

Continually mastering new technology to make our customers more competitive

Our Belief

Becoming the TECH company of choice

Our vision is to be the technology company of choice for our clients and partners.

It is a vision we held high since the inception of the company that will be realized by developing the right solution with the right technology.

With the intelligent mix of software engineering expertise, industry domain knowledge and innovative approach, we go beyond traditional problem solving to create advantages for our customers to turn idea into tangible business value, maximize growth and innovation in their business.

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Our Values


Hire a loyal software development team with niche skills, deep expertise and possessing a "champion spirit".


Continuously search for innovative solutions to achieve better, safer, more cost-effective, and faster outcomes

Problem Solving

We will take care of recruiting services, office facilities, and IT infrastructure/ took to run a remote working.

Technology Leader

Trust our top minds to eliminate workflow pain points, implement new tech, and consolidate app portfolios.


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Develop the first Enterprise Online HMS (Hospital Management System) in Indonesia using the latest and robust technology for RS. OEN Solo, Indonesia

Signed the agreement to solve efficiency problem on Moving and Storage industry with Smithi, Australia


Developed application with RFID based with imaging for Smithi

Applied for Patent and Research grant in Australia

Research fund granted by Australian Govt to develop RFID based imaging for logistic

Signed the agreement to develop MRP solution for PT Batik Semar, Indonesia

Started to develop MRP solution for PT Batik Semar


Patent pending granted for RFID based imaging for logistic, co-join with Smithi moving and storage (Onyx System)

Completed Enterprise Online HMS for RS OEN Solo

Completed RFID logistic project in Australia

Signed agreement with Lennor Clothing to develop integrated and distributed POS system


Completed MRP solution for PT Batik Semar

Completed distributed POS system for Lennor

Entered HR and Payroll startup, developed for 12 local companies, K24 Apotik is one of the notable client


Deployed and release HR and Payroll system for 12 local companies

Developed a Game Distribution Voucher startup, Game4indo, applied a tough security, red and blue team hacker.

Developed Sales Pipeline and Big Data collection for Banking Industry


Developed ERP for Property for local property developer, PT Menara Santosa

Developed SalesNLead, a sales pipelining system for banking with big data analytical

Signed agreement to be outsourcing vendor for European clients


Developed ERP for 3 local clients, focusing on printing industry

Applied SalesNLead to Raywhite


Developed and completed RFID based mobile application for Arowana fishery “Shelook Red”

Developed MRP project for 2 local companies


Developed DTC (Direct to Customer) project which focus on social commerce

Signed agreement with one of TPA “Third Party Administration” for insurance to fix the process and develop end-to-end system

Launched online health portal and Talk-to-doctor for offshore employee and online medical record, under TPA project


Entered startup project “JuruParkir” to solve parking issue at public space

Launched, a startup focusing on big size shoes for local market

Signed MRP projects with 2 local companies


Signed agreement to develop block-chain Fintech with SmartDeal, PT “Decree”, the goal is to provide robust architecture for e-wallet transaction.

Completed MRP projects with 2 local companies


Amazon AWS Cloud Architect certified

Completed “Decree” project, published the application on Google Playstore

Developed SLFF (Single Lane Free Flow) for Toll Road, collaborated with Intracs, using RFID

Partnered with Venamon, PT to develop online platform with DTC and to do direct selling for the military boots “”

Developed a tourism project app from Niseko council, Japan, integrated with live snow condition and ski information, available on iOS and Google


Signed agreement to solve the process and material complexity of Digital Printing business, Instaprint, located in Serpong and Jakarta.

Signed agreement to solve the complexity of Aviation industry with Smart Aviation, tasked to develop end-to-end system and to predict stocks usages and replenishment

Completed Queue Application with direct integration with BPJS API for RS DR OEN, it tackled the queue problem and reduce it to 70%

Started an ERP Project for Intracs

Completed Niseko app project


Sold intellectual property of SLFF system / FLO to MCAS Tbk

Completed ERP system for Instaprint, and gave the return of tangible asset in improved productivity and much reduced human error

Signed a strategic partnership and co-investing for online printing startup “”, digital printing with Artist collaboration with direct to machine concept

Completed Phase-1 of Aviation project