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CTO As A Services


Technology has become the vehicle that carry the business to achieve goals, and a CTO’s primary role is to make sure tech strategy aligns with a compan’s overall goals. CTO Blend knowledge of existing and charging technology to provide a business with the best solutions possible for the future.


CaaS delivers the value of CTO while eliminating the cost incurred by hiring a permanent CTO.
1. Business performance growth
2. Deliver immediate value through experience at a lower cost
3. Reduced operational risks and improved risk mitigation strategy
4. Oversee the industry market trends and transform the business

How many landing page I can work with your product?

To provide fast and seamless digital transformation in some cases takes a dedicated team to jumpstart your projectas efficient as an in house team. We provide a dedicated development team that will work on your project full time and under your management. We will take care of recruiting services, office facilities, and IT infrastructure/ took to run a remote working.
With 15 years of experience, Visione helps you scale up software development capacities with minimized risks and reduced expenses with our self-managed and easy-to-control dedicated development teams proficient in Java, .NET, Python, Go, PHP, C++, and other techs.

Business Analysis

No product can succeed without a great and extensive understanding of it's business environment. A good analysis results in covering the needs of both stakeholders and end-customers in the backlog, at the same time focusing on the value. Simultaneously, it helps with managing the requirements whilst constant prototyping.

UX Design

Clean user interface combined with great user experience today are an absolute must. Researching, performing discovery workshops, empathising, creating prototypes, wireframes and mockups form a great way to increase overall performance, boost conversion rate and deepen user engagement in the final solution.

Data Analysis

As your digital product develops, you’ll find yourself in possession of large amounts of valuable data. Working on that can bring you meaningful insights, open new avenues and create opportunities to further develop your solution. Make important decisions and validate your strategy based on facts, not assumptions – data will help you build the best possible product.


Your product design team has to have the capabilities to build a robust and scalable web and mobile application, that would not only be great performing, but also appealing to end users. Trust us – designing a proper infrastructure architecture and choosing a modern and reliable tech stack at the very beginning will pay off later down the road to the success of your product.

Testing & Quality

A road to a great digital product consists of many iterative sprints and in fact, you should always keep the finger on the pulse and should never end this loop. Constantly adjusting the features and testing your MVPs plays a vital part in its success. Every release should be tested to maintain the highest quality standards.