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Sales Marketing

The strong influence of digitalization on media companies has been well-defined in recent research. On one hand, digitalization allows faster and easier content delivery. On the other hand, it challenges and redefines traditional business models. Consequently, all media industries strive to embrace the digital world by transforming their business models.

The publishing industry is no exception. Today, it faces the need to benefit from digital content customizing and adopting different content monetization models. Moreover, publishers have already distinguished the most sustainable strategies which are aimed at generating revenue from digital content and all-around involvement of IT technologies into their business.

Business Challenges and Benefits
The main business challenges we help publishers with:
- Lack of defined content digitalization strategy, processes and expertise
- Cross-platform digital content creation and multi-channel distribution
- Efficient sales platform creation.

VISI/ONE proficient technological solutions and services boost your potential by helping you:
- Establish cost-efficient production
- Protect and monetize your products
- Offer high-quality interactive products
- Attract and retain new readers and customers
- Expand the easy and fast reach of your content
- Support multiple digital devices
- Strengthen your market position.

VISI/ONE Solutions
- Cloud-Based Solutions
- Interactive e-Learning Solutions
- Solutions for Entertainment Industry and E-Commerce Solutions
- Wholesale, Distribution and Retail Solutions